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Hitachi L26h01au to wysokiej jakości telewizor LED wyposażony w szereg zaawansowanych funkcji, które oferują użytkownikom wygodny i przyjemny doświadczenie. Uproszczona instrukcja obsługi pozwala użytkownikom szybko i łatwo zrozumieć, jak korzystać z wszystkich funkcji telewizora. Instrukcja zawiera szczegółowe informacje o wszystkich funkcjach telewizora, w tym o konfiguracji urządzenia, połączeniach i konfiguracji sieci, a także o sterowaniu i ustawieniach wideo. Ponadto, instrukcja zawiera szczegółowe instrukcje dotyczące kalibracji obrazu i dźwięku, a także instrukcje dotyczące korzystania z aplikacji. Uproszczona instrukcja obsługi Hitachi L26h01au pozwala użytkownikom w pełni wykorzystać wszystkie funkcje telewizora i cieszyć się jego pełnym potencjałem.

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USER MANUAL Thank you for purchasing the HITACHI LCD Television. Please read this user manual carefully before operating this product. To ensure proper operation, please read and follow ALL the instructions, especially the "IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS" and "SAFETY PRECAUTIONS". Please keep this user manual for future reference.

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CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS............... 01 TV SETUP OPERATION....................................... 22 How to use the On-Screen Display (OSD) system.......... 22 INSTRUCTIONS................................................... 02 Main Menu List................................................................ 23 About This Manual........................................................... 02 Setup Menu (TV mode)................................................... 24 Trademark Credits.
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INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing the HITACHI LCD Television. We hope that you will enjoy the great performance with this product. This LCD Television has been designed to meet the International standards. However, it could cause personal injuries and property damage if improperly handled. In order to prevent potential danger and obtain maximum benefit from your set, please observe the following instructions when installing, operating, and cleaning the product. Keep this manual for futur
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SAFETY PR RECAUTIONS For your safety, please read the following precautions carefully before using this product. Improper use would cause serious personal injuries and/or damage to your property or this product. About the Symbols The following are the symbols used in this manual and affixed on the unit itself. Please fully understand the meanings of the symbols before reading the precautions in this section. Never ignore the instruction. There are risks of serious injuries or possible deat
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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (continued) WARNING There is a risk of fire, electric shock, or serious injury. Install the unit at a proper area where it does not expose anyone to any danger. If you hit against the edge of the unit, you may be injured. Do not place any objects on top of the unit. Objects such as Liquid containers (vase, fish tank, flowerpot, cosmetics or liquid medicine). If water or any liquid spill onto the unit, it may cause short-circuit and result in fire or electrical
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 7
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (continued) CAUTION Do not cover or block any ventilation holes on the product. The unit would overheat, and it could cause fire or damage the product which may shorten its service life. Install the product in accordance with the instructions in this manual. Do not place the unit with ventilation side down. Do not install the unit on the carpet or bedclothes. Do not cover the television with table cloth etc. Be sure to ground the earth cable correctl
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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (continued) PRECAUTIONS Do not install the unit at areas where it will be subjected to high temperatures. It could damage the cabinet or parts of the product. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiator, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus that produce heat. Keep the unit out of direct sunlight. It could increase the temperature of the unit and cause malfunction. Viewing Advice The lighting of the environment in which the product is used should b
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ABOUT LCD PANEL Other Common Characteristics of LCD Panel The following are the common phenomena when operating LCD Panel due to its structural reason. Please note that they are not malfunctions. Defective Spots on Panel The LCD panel is manufactured with high-precision technology. However, there might be some spots that are not emitted, brighter than the others, or in different colors, etc. Surface on Panel The LCD panel displays images by blinking the fluorescent lamps internally.
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QUICK START GUIDE For more information on connecting and using your TV, please be sure to read all instructions in this user manual. 1. Supplied Accessories (including option) User Manual Remote Control AA size batteries Power Cord* i+ X2 TV DTT AV TEXT 12 3 45 6 78 9 0 ++ P? OK AV1 AV2 AV3 AV4 CLE-994 *The type of power plug provided may be different from this drawing for some countries. 2. Connection ~ 14 20 Connect the power cord to the rear panel. Connect to the aerial lead
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QUICK START GUIDE (continued) 3. Insert the batteries into the remote control… 12 The protective sheet 4. Removing the Protective Sheet Before using the TV, remove the protective sheet from the cabinet. Sub Power switch Sub Power button 5. Switch On… 19 Press either Power On/ Off switch on the unit or Power On/ Off button on the Main Power remote control. switch The color of the indicating lamp turns from Red to Green. 24 37 6. Auto Tuning … and When you turn ON the TV for
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COMPONENT NAMES Main Unit Front Panel Cabinet Panel Remote Control Receiver Indicating Lamp Speaker Desktop Stand Main Power Switch (on the left side) Sub Power Switch (on the top side) Rear Panel L26H01AU L32H01AU Side Input Power Cord Socket Terminal Board (External Device Connection) Control Panel (see below for details) Please refer to 14 ~ 18 for the detailed information for the connections. Control Panel (including Top Input) Sub Po
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 13
COMPONENT NAMES (continued) Remote Control Sub Power Press this button to switch TV On or Off standby. Device Select (TV/DTT/AV) Press these buttons to select the device (TV/DTT/AV) to be controlled by this remote control. The selected button will light up to display the selected mode. Normally, select “DTT”. Program Select [Page Select] 26 Press these buttons to select a TV program directly. Refer to for details. Freeze [Hold] Press this button to change the picture to freeze m
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PREPARATION Remote Control Batteries Installation Handling the Remote Control Use the remote control within about 5m from front This remote control operates on 2 “AA” batteries. of the unit’s remote-control sensor and within 30 1. Open the battery compartment cover degrees on both sides. Slide open the battery compartment cover on the backside in the direction of an arrow, and remove the cover. Installing the batteries Install 2 “AA” batteries (included) making sure the polaritie
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PREPARATION (continued) Safety Precaution on Main Unit Installation Read SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ( 3 to 6) carefully besides this page. When installing the main unit, be sure to use the specified mount units in order to obtain maximum performance and maintain the safety. We assume no responsibility or liability for personal injuries or property damages caused by use of other mount units or improper installation. As for the installation instruction, please read each user manual of the moun
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CONNECTION Terminal Positions Rear Power Cord Socket Aerial Socket AV1 Service Use Only AV2 AV3 Monitor Out PC(RGB)/HDMI Analog Audio Input PC Connection Terminal (D-Sub 15 (example: L32H01AU) pin) HDMI Optical Out (Digital Audio) Side AV4 Headphone Terminal Connecting Procedure This unit is ready for various kinds of connections. Make a connection in the following steps. Be sure to unplug the power cord from the wall socket first, when connecting external e
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CONNECTION (continued) Connecting Procedure (continued) 3. Connecting to External Equipment Terminals on Rear AV1 and AV2 can be connected to the equipment with Component output. OUT IN VCR [Example] DVD player / recorder Set-Top Box If your external device has a Component terminal, COMPONENT / AUDIO connection is recommended for higher quality picture. AV3 can be connected to the equipment with S-Video output and Composite output. IN OUT VCR [Example] DVD player / recorder Set-Top
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CONNECTION (continued) Connecting Procedure (continued) Monitor Out can be used to display same image and sound as main unit on another television. When this output terminal is connected to an external television with a 75 Ohm terminal, the same image and sound from composite (AV3, AV4), or DTT/TV signal can be displayed to the external television. [Example] [Example] IN OUT Monitor NOTE Video output is not available from component, RGB, or HDMI input. PC connection terminal (D-sub 15 pin
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CONNECTION (continued) Connecting Procedure (continued) NOTE About PC (RGB)/HDMI analog audio input terminal This terminal can be used in one of the following cases only. The external device is connected to the PC (RGB) terminal of the TV. DVI output of an external device is connected to the HDMI terminal using the HDMI-DVI cable. HDMI Terminal PC (RGB) / Audio Input Terminal Make sure that the video and audio terminals are connected to the same external device. 51 52 About the out
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CONNECTION (continued) Connecting Procedure (continued) 4. Connecting the plug into the wall socket Connect the power cord after completing all other connections. (The type of plug is different from this drawing for some countries. ) CAUTION Use only the power cord provided. Do not use a power supply voltage other than that indicated (AC110-240V, 50/60Hz). It may cause fire or electric shock. For the LCD panel, a three-core power cord with a ground terminal is used for efficiency prote

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